3 Reasons To Have Your Brake Fluid Regularly Checked

There are multiple reasons to have the brake fluid of your vehicle regularly checked. Here are a few of them:

Brake fluid becomes contaminated over time.

As time progresses, brake fluid absorbs moisture. This causes the fluid to become contaminated. Brake fluid has a very high boiling point, but the boiling point of water is much lower. Once the fluid becomes contaminated with moisture, the brake fluid more easily enters a gaseous state. When brake fluid is a gas, it is no longer able to transfer braking pressure to the brake pads of your car or truck. Thus, the vehicle will not stop as efficiently as it would with pure brake fluid in the line.

Low brake fluid levels can soften the brake pedal.

If the brake line is compromised, brake fluid could leak. If there is insufficient brake fluid in the car, you may notice that the car operates a bit differently. For instance, when you press the brake pedal of your car, it may feel unusually soft. The firmness that usually accompanies the depression of a brake pedal is due to sufficient fluid in the line. When there is too little brake fluid available, there is not enough fluid present to maintain enough pressure for the pedal to feel firm. In these instances, when you press the brake pedal, it may go all the way to the floor of your car. This not only delays the time needed to stop your vehicle. It presents a safety hazard for the driver.

Too little break fluid can affect other brake system components.

If there is too little brake fluid in your vehicle and insufficient braking pressure results, the brake pads of your vehicle may have to work even harder. When the brake pedal of your car is pressed, breaking pressure is relayed to the brake pads of your car, and they press against the rotors of your car's wheels. Without sufficient brake fluid, the pads wear away more quickly. The pad deterioration can also affect the rotors.

As the padding of a brake pad wears down, the metal backing of the pad is eventually revealed. This metal can press against the rotors of a car and cause deep grooves and scratches. Once the rotors are marred in this manner, they must either be resurfaced or replaced.

If you would like to have the brake fluid and other components of your brake system checked, schedule an appointment with a mechanic like Hudson Goodyear in your area.