Three Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Your Windshield Chip Expanding

You can't help but feel annoyed when you're following another vehicle on the highway and see that its tires have kicked up a rock that has chipped your windshield. While your natural inclination might be to simply ignore the damage, you can be certain that the problem will only grow in size unless you take steps to deal with it. The good news about having a chipped windshield is that the glass doesn't necessarily have to be replaced; many auto glass services can repair the damage – and some can even do so by meeting you at your home or place of work. Once the chip grows into a crack, though, you're looking at a replacement job. Here are three ways to reduce the risk of the chip expanding.

Avoid Driving Behind Trucks

While any vehicle's tires can catch a rock and throw it into the air, trucks are often the culprits. Trucks have multiple tires, which means that there's more of a chance of rocks getting caught in the treads; additionally, many trucks such as dump trucks travel through areas in which gravel is common, meaning these vehicles' tires might be loaded with rocks. If another rock hits your windshield, it can cause a sharp vibration that expands your chip. All this means that it's best to avoid traveling behind large trucks if it's possible. Whenever you find yourself approach a truck from behind, see if you can safely pass, find a different lane or decrease your speed until the truck turns off.

Watch Out For Vibrations

Sharp vibrations can pose a threat to the size of your windshield chip. As such, seek to avoid anything that sends a shockwave through your vehicle to minimize the risk of your chip expanding. You can avoid this problem by shutting your doors, trunk and hood gently; slamming them can be enough to expand the chip. Additionally, keep a vigilant eye out to avoid hitting potholes while you drive. If there's a pothole in your route, decrease your speed dramatically before you drive over it.

Don't Change The Temperature Suddenly

Small damage to your windshield can expand in size before your eyes due to sudden temperature changes. This means that it's important to note the exterior temperature before you get in your vehicle and use the temperature settings accordingly. For example, if it's cold outside, don't turn the heater on high. Instead, set the heat to a medium setting and allow the car's interior temperature to warm up gradually.

If the chip expands in spite of your efforts, contact a local auto glass repair company to get it repaired as soon as possible.