Vital Tools For Keeping Your New RV Looking Pristine

An RV is a significant investment, so keeping it clean will ensure that it looks its best for years to come. Cleaning the RV is a regular task that you should perform, either at home in your driveway or in a washing bay that is large enough to accommodate the vehicle. Beyond scrubbing the body of the vehicle with soap and water, however, there are some other cleaning tasks that you should also perform. Here are the necessary tools and products to pick up that will allow you to keep several key areas of your RV in perfect shape into the future.

Window Vacuum

Given that your RV likely has several large windows, you want them to look their best whenever you're traveling — and also make sure they provide a high degree of visibility for your passengers. Cleaning them with soap and water can leave water marks, while using a squeegee-style cleaner can also leave lines. A better solution is a window vacuum. Once you wash the windows, you rub this tool across the window to suck up the water. It's build like a cross between a handheld vacuum and a squeegee and is ideal for sucking up the tiny water droplets that would otherwise leave your windows looking messy.

Mildew Stain Remover

If left ignored, the canvas tarp that can be rolled out from the side of your RV has the risk of developing mildew. This can especially be the case when it's rolled up while still wet, as the tarp will not dry sufficiently. If you notice that mildew is beginning to develop on the tarp, the simple thing to do is open it up and use a mildew stain-removal product to restore the tarp to a like-new appearance. This cleaning solution is applied and then the tarp is scrubbed with a brush, removing the ugly stains from the mildew.

Rubber Roof Cleaner

The rubber roof of your RV can develop stains over time. Things such as grime from your excursions and tree sap from when you're parked at a campsite can all contribute to stains that make the vehicle's roof look older than it actually is. You'll want to buy a bottle of rubber roof cleaner to fix it. Like the mildew stain remover, it's a specialized product that is ideal for RV users. It can be applied to the rubber roof, scrubbed with a brush, and rinsed off to restore the roof's original appearance.