Taking A Closer Look At The Likely Causes Of A Suddenly Damaged Windshield

One day your windshield appears perfectly fine and the next you find an ugly crack spider webbing its way across the glass. It is a common misconception that when a window is damaged, you will likely immediately know the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, this is often not the case and vehicle owners are completely surprised by the sudden appearance of damage. If you have just realized your windshield is cracked and are left scratching your head in confusion, it is a good idea to get to know some of the likely causes of the problem you now have before you. 

Abrupt Changes in Pressure Against the Windshield

Although this cause is a little less common than others, sudden changes in pressure can absolutely cause damage to your windshield. Pressure changes can come from driving at an excessive rate of speed or having your vehicle parked in close proximity to a sudden explosion, such as one relative to a fire. Pressure against the windshield can also come from applied force, such as someone sitting on the windshield or stepping on the glass to get to the top of the car. 

Hail Stones

If you live in an area that is prone to severe weather, hail can be a major threat to the body of your vehicle at every angle, but especially the glass. These stones can be hurled through the air toward the ground at incredible speeds, and this is definitely enough to cause a crack if a large enough stone hits the windshield. 

Bright Sunlight

As long as your car windshield is properly installed, sunlight will not likely cause the glass to crack. However, this phenomenon can and has happened. When bright sunlight heats up the metal trim that frames the glass, it can cause the outer edges of the glass to slightly expand or change shape, which puts stress on the middle of your windshield and can lead to cracks. 

Sudden Changes in Temperature

If you have ever heard that you should never pour hot water on a frozen windshield, you understand why sudden temperatures can cause your windshield to crack. The drastic change in temperature puts excessive pressure on the glass because one side may be trying to expand due to heat while the other is contracting due to the cold. Sudden changes in temperature can come from drastic weather changes, but in most cases, these issues are caused by human error. 

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