Rear Windows Not Working Right? 3 Signs the Problem Could Be Your Rear-Window Transmission

Did you know that the rear windows on your car are powered by a transmission? It's true. The rear-window transmission is responsible for making sure that your rear windows move up and down smoothly. Unfortunately, once the rear-window transmission gives out, you're going to be left with windows that won't open or close. Luckily, before it gives out completely, your rear-window transmission will send out some warning signs. Here are three signs that your rear windows are about stop moving.

Window Stops and Starts While Opening and Closing

Electric windows should open and close smoothly. If your windows have suddenly started jerking along as they open and close, you might have a problem with your rear-window transmission. Wash your windows to remove any dirt or oils and then try opening them again. If the problem goes away, you just had some gunk that was preventing your windows from moving properly. However, if your windows continue to stop and start in a jerking fashion, you should have your rear-window transmission inspected as soon as possible.

There's a High-Pitched Squealing

When you push the control button to open or close your rear windows, there shouldn't be any unusual sounds. If you suddenly start hearing a high-pitched squealing sound when you push the control button, you have a problem with your rear-window transmission. Stop operating your windows until you can get the problem taken care of by your mechanic.

Window Only Moves Halfway

If your rear windows have decided to only work halfway—that is, they've decided to only open or close halfway up or down—your rear-window transmission might be on its last legs. One way to tell is to try to get your window to move the rest of the way by exerting some pressure. Place one of your hands flat up against the window. Press the control button with your other hand. While you're pressing the button, use your other hand to exert enough pressure to move the window up. If the window starts moving on its own, your rear-window transmission is about to give out. If your window doesn't budge—or it goes up but then slides back down—your rear window transmission has already given out.

The last thing you want is for your windows to stop opening and closing. If you experience any of the problems described above, have your windows inspected by a mechanic such as Mid-Atlantic Muffler & Brake as soon as possible.