3 Winter Tips For Fluid Changes And Better Truck Performance In Cold Weather

Soon, the temperatures will be dipping down into the lower digits, which means that you want your truck to be prepared for adverse weather. Some fall auto maintenance may help with the performance of your truck on some of the coldest winter days. The main thing that you may want to do is revise all the fluids in your truck with a full service oil change. Here are some winter tips for the fluids in your truck to ensure you do not have truck troubles when the weather gets bad:

1. Do A Winter Oil Change With Lighter Oil For Better Winter Performance  

During the winter months, having a thick oil can cause a lot of problems during near freezing temperatures. To solve this problem, have a lighter oil added to your car. The lighter oils are designed for winter weather and may have additives to prevent the oil from becoming too thick and causing your truck to not start. It is important to ensure that your oil does not seize up the engine when you go to start your car. This is something that you will especially want to do if you have a diesel truck that can have more trouble during winter months.

2. Flushing Your Cooling System And Having A Lower Temperature Coolant Added

Another improvement that can be done for your truck is flushing the cooling system. This can remove contaminants and debris that gets inside the radiator. When you have this done, talk with the oil change service about using a coolant that is designed for colder temperatures. Using a coolant with a rating for lower temperatures can reduce the risk for problems like freezing during the coldest winter days, which can be good if you live in a northern climate with extremely cold winter temperatures.

3. Service Other Fluids And Use Winter Lubricants Where Needed

There are also the other fluids in your truck that you may want to have serviced. This can include brake fluids that may be too thick for cold weather, as well as the lubricant for transmissions and the fluid in your power steering. When you have the oil changed, have the mechanic check all these fluids to ensure that your truck is ready for another cold winter.

These are some winter truck maintenance tips to help ensure that you do not have truck troubles this year when the weather gets worse. For more information, contact local professionals like C L Enterprises.