What To Do When You Put The Wrong Fuel In The Car

Putting the wrong fuel in a car can result in serious damage to the car, especially if it is petrol in a diesel engine. Take the following steps to prevent or mitigate the damage:

Don't Start the Engine

Having the wrong fuel in the tank is bad, but draining it off isn't that difficult. Having the wrong fuel circulate through the fuel system is worse since it contaminates many more parts, such as the fuel filters, carburetor, injectors, and cylinders, among other parts. This is what will happen when you turn on the ignition and let the engine run.

Therefore, don't turn off the ignition if you realize you have pumped the wrong fuel. If you realize the mistake after starting the engine, stop driving as soon as you have found a safe place to park and turn off the engine.

Push the Car to A Safe Place

Since you shouldn't drive the car, and leaving it in place might not be practical, you need to push it to a safe place. First, however, put the car in neutral to disconnect the transmission system from the wheels. That way, the car's tires will just roll without getting any power from the engine, which is why you need to push or pull the car.

Call for Help

Once you get the car to a safe place, call the relevant party to help you fix the problem. The relevant party may be the car dealer if the car is still under warranty or your insurer if you have comprehensive insurance coverage. The latter option is possible since misfuelling is a form of accidental coverage, which comprehensive coverage caters to.

Get the Fuel out ASAP

Whether or not you can get help from your insurer or dealer, you need to get the fuel out of the car as soon as possible. The longer the fuel stays in the car, the more likely it is to cause damage. There is also the risk that somebody might accidentally start the car and contaminate other parts. Therefore, you need to get a mechanic to siphon out the wrong fuel and clean or replace the contaminated parts, such as the fuel seals and filters.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you prevent serious damage if you misfuel your car. Once you get the issue sorted out, take care not to repeat the mistake. Don't fuel when distracted, lose concentration when fueling or rely on the color of the pump nozzle to identify the correct fuel. For more information, contact companies like H & S Tire & Auto Center.