First Used Car? Engine Care Tips To Keep It Running Longer

Purchasing a used car is a smart financial move, especially for someone who has never owned or maintained a vehicle before. It is important to note, however, that there will be some maintenance requirements for a pre-owned car that has already had one or more owners and been driven for thousands of miles that are rarely needed on new models. 

Unlike new models that have complicated computer systems and messaging capabilities to keep drivers apprised of everything from the engine's performance to the amount of air in the tires, an older car is more likely to have only a few gauges to monitor things like coolant temperature and oil pressure. Because of this, drivers of these vehicles will need to learn some basic care tips to keep their car working reliably throughout their ownership. 

Make it a point to look for leaks each day

And older car that has several thousand miles on the odometer will have endured a lot of vibrations, bumps, and difficult operating conditions. All of these, plus the age of the car's components and systems can put it at risk for leaks from damaged hoses, worn systems, or the failure of critical parts, such as the water pump, radiator, or brake lines. Since any issues with these systems can be both dangerous for the driver and expensive to repair, it is wise to be watchful for signs of a developing problem. 

An excellent way to do this is to learn to be observant each time you approach the vehicle and prepare to start it. A simple glance under the engine compartment and drive train just before opening the driver's door is a fast and easy way to check for leaks that could become a problem, if ignored or not discovered. 

Invest in regular oil changes and inspections

Another way to prolong the lifespan of your car and help avoid expensive repair issues is to invest in regular oil changes with a industry certified service provider. To get the best value, always choose an oil change service that also performs basic inspections and safety checks as part of their service process. 

Regularly scheduled oil changes are one of the best ways to extend an engine's lifespan and prevent internal damage from metal shavings caused by the friction of metal surfaces inside the engine

In addition, to changing the oil and installing a new filter, many of these services also routinely test engine coolant and top it off, if needed, as well as check brake and transmission fluid levels. Contact a shop, like Furgersons Garage, for more help.