Four Reasons To Regularly Change Engine Oil

Engine oil is just one of many different liquids under the hood of your vehicle, but it plays an essential role in lubricating and cooling down your engine. This means that dirty or insufficient oil in your vehicle can cause all sorts of issues, negatively affecting the performance of your car. Understanding what the benefits of getting regular oil changes are can encourage you to incorporate regular oil changes into your car maintenance schedule.

Improved Mileage

One of the largest advantages associated with replacing the oil in your vehicle regularly is the fact that doing so can greatly improve the efficiency of your engine, ensuring that you are able to get more mileage out of a single tank of gas. This is because your engine will be operating at an ideal temperature with enough lubrication to ensure that the fuel in your engine is being burned efficiently without placing undue stress on the moving parts of your engine.

Engine Cleaning

Another function of engine oil is to physically clean your engine of dirt, grime, metal particles, and other small pieces of debris which can build up normally through normal operation. Changing your oil regularly ensures that your oil stays clean and able to properly function, but also means that you are removing the built up grime and debris from your system and ensure that your engine won't become damaged or clogged.

Heat Regulation

Engine oil can also ensure that your engine is operating at peak efficiency, maximizing power while minimizing fuel consumption, by helping to regulate the amount of heat your engine produces. Oil does this by physically carrying heat away from the engine, and also by lubricating the pistons and other moving parts of your engine, reducing friction heat while cooling down the entire system. Beyond improving performance, this also reduces the risk of overheating and other forms of heat damage.

Increased Engine Lifespan

Finally, all of the above benefits of getting a regular oil change will translate into a longer lifespan for your engine, since it will not be exposed to the same amount of debris and contaminants or the same levels of heat which can place stress on the engine's moving parts. This can help you avoid complicated and expensive engine repairs, and also means that your vehicle will be able to function properly and efficiently for much longer, saving you money by extending the amount of time you have until you have to purchase a new car.

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