2 Signs Your Car's Windshield Should Be Replaced Instead Of Repaired

If your car's windshield has a few chips or cracks in the glass, you may be on the fence whether to have the damage repaired or have the entire windshield replaced. If so, look for the following signs that your car should have a new windshield installed in order to keep you safer while driving.

1.  Cracks or Chips Penetrate the Entire Thickness

One sign that your windshield should be replaced instead of repaired is when the cracks or chips that are present penetrate the entire thickness of the glass. If your windshield has shallow cracks or chips, there is a chance that they can still be filled in to repair the damage without weakening the glass.

However, if the damage is deep enough that it creates a hole through the glass that can be felt on the interior of the car, the windshield needs to be replaced. When the damage is this severe, the strength and integrity of the glass are severely compromised, which can put you at greater risk of serious injuries during a crash in two ways.

First, the glass could shatter even under minor impact from another vehicle or object. The spray of glass that results could lead to serious cuts on you and your passengers.

Second, since the windshield acts as an important part of your airbag system, this system will not be much help during a head-on collision. It will not be able to hold the bags in place. The broken glass could also tear the bags and making them ineffective.

2.  Water Leaks Around the Edges

Another sign that your windshield may need to be replaced is when you notice water leaking in around the edges. If there is water leakage, the seal around the glass may be broken, or the glass itself has micro-cracks that are not only allowing the seepage of water but is also weakening the windshield.

While it is possible that the seal only needs to be reapplied, a professional opinion is needed to determine whether the seal is actually the problem and whether a new seal will make the windshield safe. If micro-cracks are involved, or the seal is so worn that ensuring proper pressure along the edges around the glass can be achieved, the windshield will need to be replaced.

If your car's windshield is exhibiting the above signs, you probably need to have it replaced. Take your car to an auto glass repair service that offers windshield replacement so they can inspect the glass and seal and discuss your options.