Did Driving Your Kid's Sports Team Around Destroy The Interior Of Your Vehicle? 4 Ways Auto Detailing Makes It Look New Again

Being a sports parent is a great way to be involved in your kid's life, and volunteering to chauffeur the team around lets you get to know their friends. While the past sports season has been fun, you can also tell that your car has taken a hit from having so many kids in it. Young athletes may try to keep things clean, but you can expect that they'll occasionally spill drinks and food or track in mud on their cleats. Fortunately, you don't have to worry when you know that auto detailing can include these services that restore your car back to its former beauty.

Remove Upholstery Stains and Odors

Whether your kid played baseball or another type of sport, you can trust that they were all probably sweaty by the end of the game. Uniforms that are soaked in sweat can leave behind foul odors along with stains on the seats. Your kid and their friends may have also accidentally spilled their sports drinks or snacks on the seats, and upholstery cleaning can remove most common stains so that the seats feel good to sit on again.

Get the Dirt Out of the Floorboards

Outdoor sports give kids the space they need to run around and really get into the game. However, many kids' sports events occur even if it rains, which means that you may find some mud made its way to the carpet. Cleats and other types of athletic footwear also tend to get dirt stuck in the tread, and you'll find that this tends to come off on the floor. Professional carpet cleaning can lift the dirt out of the flooring without removing the color or damaging the fibers.

Eliminate Sticky Residue

At the end of the season, the inside of your car may also have some mystery grime covering features such as the door handles, windows, and cup holders. Interior car detailing includes wiping down these types of surfaces, and a trained technician can often get even the stickiest residue out of tight spaces, such as the lower rim of the cup holder. When you drop your car off for detailing, be sure to mention any areas that are especially bothering you. For instance, you may be tired of peering through windows that are covered in fingerprints, or you might still be struggling to get goo from a candy bar off of the inside of the doors. This way, your detailer can put extra attention towards these areas and remove all of the traces of last season's games from your car.

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