Wheel Alignment: Finding Out If You Need It And Why It Is Important

Is your car acting funny? Do you suspect your vehicle might be out of alignment? If so, it is important that you address the matter immediately. A misaligned vehicle could create potential hazards to your safety. Knowing what signs indicate you need an alignment and understanding why it is so important can help you determine if the wheel alignment is a service you need.

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is a service that balances your vehicle's tires and suspension. If the suspension in your vehicle is in poor condition, it can lead to unevenness in the way your car operates. There are also situations in which the tires do not have equal amounts of air pressure, which can also cause your vehicle to feel out of alignment.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between an alignment and a front-end alignment. An alignment, or 4-wheel alignment, refers to the adjustment of all four tires and axles. With a front end alignment, it is just the front tires and axles that need adjustment.

Signs You Need an Alignment

You need to make sure you are familiar enough with your vehicle to spot potential problems with the alignment. First, pay attention to your steering wheel while you are driving. If you are on a straight, flat road, the steering wheel should remain straight as well. If the steering wheel seems off-center or appears to pull in a certain direction, you likely need an alignment.

Note: Sometimes a person will remove his or her hands from the steering wheel to see if the vehicle will pull to a certain direction. Of course, if the car pulls, you probably have an alignment issue. However, you should never remove both of your hands from the steering wheel while driving. Doing so can jeopardize your safety and the safety of other people on the road.

Why is it Important?

An alignment is an important automotive service that can improve your safety while driving. Poor alignment can cause your tears to wear unevenly and it may cause the tires to wear down faster than normal. Worn out tires do not grip the road as well, meaning it could take you longer to stop when you use the brake. As such, misalignment and worn tires could cause an accident.

If you suspect your car needs an alignment, contact an auto repair shop near you today to find out more about the services provided.