Transmission Issues And Your Vehicle's Overall Safety

When your car is having transmission issues, it's not safe to drive your vehicle for any length of time. While you can't always save your transmission, you can help prolong its life when you pay attention to issues with your transmission and you get them repaired right away. While the transmission warning light turning on is a big indication of transmission issues, you might also simply find a little bit of pink or red fluid beneath your car that should be further investigated. Fluid leaks and warning lights are a sure sign that you need to bring your car in for auto repair before you cause further damage to your vehicle.

Getting Up to Speed

Your car might struggle to get up to speed, refusing to change gears when you need it to. If you are driving an automatic and it doesn't change gears when it should, this is usually an indication of transmission problems. If the transmission is alright but you still can't get up to speed, this can mean you have a hole somewhere in your exhaust system. If you can't get your car to travel at normal speeds on the highway, get it checked out to see what is happening.

Delayed Engagement and Your Transmission

The transmission is responsible for controlling the speed of your tires and the direction. When you put your car into drive or into reverse, it is supposed to engage immediately. If you notice a slight delay when you put your car into gear, your transmission may be having a problem. This can be a minimal delay or one that lasts several seconds and is more noticeable.

Dashboard Warning Lights

The dashboard warning lights are there for a reason. If your transmission light goes on, get help immediately to avoid additional damage to your transmission. A fluid leak can trigger the warning light, which is an easy repair unless you keep driving and ignore it. Transmission fluid is pink or red, and it is easy to identify if it leaks out of your vehicle. If you drive around without transmission fluid, you can cause permanent damage to your transmission and make it impossible to repair.

Bring your car in for a repair when it isn't running like normal. Transmission issues are serious and need to be handled right away. You can prolong the life of your transmission when you make sure there is fluid and get problems fixed before it's too late.

To learn more about transmission and auto services, contact a mechanic in your area.