The Benefits Of Camper Trucks

Are you planning to buy a recreational vehicle? Then it would help if you considered purchasing a camper truck. In simple terms, a camper truck is an RV mounted on a pickup truck bed. Camper trucks come in three sizes: short-bed, standard, and long-bed. Plus, you can select either a pop-up, slide-out, non-slide out, or hard-side camper truck. Compared to other RVs, camper trucks are more versatile, easier to drive, and less costly to maintain. Here are the advantages of a camper truck. 


Camper trucks are quite versatile. Essentially, you can unload the camper from a pickup and use the truck for other purposes. Then, when you load the camper on the pickup, you have an RV with off-road capability. The pickup truck has four-wheel-drive abilities, a compact size, and a two-axle configuration that allows you to drive through remote roads. Moreover, the camper truck comes with towing capability for trailers or fishing boats.


In many states, you do not have to pay registration and annual licensing fees for camper trucks. This exemption is because the camper truck is seen as cargo rather than a recreational vehicle. In addition, insurance companies may offer lower rates for camper trucks, which helps save on monthly premiums. Campers also have lower maintenance costs. Usually, a truck with no towing gear only requires periodic servicing.


Another critical benefit of truck campers is their mobility. Unlike most RVs that require hauling and towing, the camper truck is fully mobile. Therefore, you do not have to struggle with the trailer hitch and anti-sway tow bar every time you plan for a journey. Plus, you will enjoy the convenience of driving the vehicle to any destination without outsourcing towing or hauling services. 


A truck camper requires less storage space compared to RV trailers. Individuals with a small garage or outdoor space find a truck camper convenient due to its compact size. Besides, the camper's small size reduces the storage fees when you park it at a storage lot. Additionally, a camper is less mobile, which makes it difficult to move and steal.

In conclusion, a camper truck offers unmatched benefits such as versatility, mobility, cost-efficiency, easy storage, and upgrades. So, if you want to buy or lease an RV, go for a camper truck.

To learn more about your options for RV camping, contact a resource that offers truck campers in your local area.