When To Take Your Vehicle In For Auto Body Repair

There are several reasons your vehicle may need to go to an auto body repair center for work. A collision that causes damage, rust on the body panels, or dents and dings that accumulate over time can all cause the car to look old and devalue it, but an auto body repair shop can help you restore the vehicle to its original condition in most situations. 

Dents And Dings

Over time, your car can begin to collect dents and dings on the body that make the car look old and worn out. The damage can be superficial and not affect the vehicle's performance but is not pleasant to look at. 

Repairing those dents and dings is not overly challenging for most auto body repair shops. Depending on the depth of the dents, any damage to the paint, and where they are located on the vehicle, the cost to restore the panels may not be as high as you think. The first step is to get the car to the auto body repair shop to fully assess the damage and get an estimate for the repairs.

Dents can often be removed by simply pulling them out, and some shops offer paintless dent repair for minor dents that will restore the sheet metal and leave the original paint without damage. For larger dents or heavily creased ones, the technician may need to replace the entire panel with a new one or make a more extensive repair that will require repainting a section of the car when the work is complete. 

Rust Repair

Dealing with rust on your car may seem trivial, but over time, rust damage to the car's body can have a severe impact and can spread to the frame and other parts of the vehicle, making it unsafe to drive. If you live in a part of the country that uses road salt in the winter, or you live near the coast, you may find rust damage on the car that needs to be addressed right away.

An auto body repair shop can remove the rust from the vehicle, and in severe cases, they can replace the sheet metal that is rusted with new panels for you. Often rust starts down low, under the doors and around the fender wells, so checking the car regularly is essential. 

If you find rust and corrosion starting to appear on the surface of the car, take it to an auto body repair shop, and they can assess the damage and determine the most beneficial way to repair the vehicle and stop the rust in its tracks. Keeping your car clean and washing it frequently is the best defense against salt-induced rust, but once it starts, eradicating the rust is the only way to keep it from spreading to other parts of the car.