3 Signs Your Manual Transmission May Be Failing

Transmissions come in two basic types, automatic and manual. Manual transmissions are also called stick shifts. A car with an automatic transmission switches from gear to gear on its own. A vehicle with a manual transmission depends on the driver to switch gears. The driver engages the clutch, which disengages the gear in the transmission. Then the driver uses the gear shift stick to move the car into the next gear, then takes their foot off the clutch, re-engaging the transmission, which is now in the new gear. If you have one of these cars, you need to know some signs that the transmission is failing so you can get it repaired quickly. 

Clutch Behaves Oddly

One of the signs that your manual transmission may be failing is that your clutch starts to behave differently than what you are used to. Your clutch may feel like it is slipping. A slipping clutch can feel like it is spongey when you depress it. It may also feel looser. You may also notice that the clutch pedal is sticking. Another way that your clutch may feel odd is that it feels different. You may not be able to pinpoint exactly what is different, but you know it feels wrong when you use it. 

Grinding Gears 

If you hear grinding gears when you are switching gears, your transmission may be failing. No matter how long you've been driving a stick, there will be times when you don't get the clutch down as far as you should, or you're just a little bit too fast when you switch gears and grind the gears. But, if it happens regularly, even when you are being very careful to clutch normally, then you are probably looking at transmission issues that you need to address soon. 

Slow Shift

Once you shift gears and take your foot off the clutch, the gear should engage immediately. However, in a failing transmission, it doesn't work that way. It can take a moment or two for the gear to engage and for the transmission to work. It may not happen every time you shift gears, but as your transmission worsens, it will happen more and more often. 

If you know some signs of a failing transmission, you can take your car to the service station to check it out. The sooner you get it checked out and repaired, generally, the less expensive the repair is going to be. If you put it off too long, you can end up with a costly repair and a lengthy repair time. 

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