When To Take Your Car In For Service Or Repair

Vehicle maintenance and repairs are essential to keeping your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Often, basic service and repairs can all be completed at the same auto repair shop, so picking one near you and you are comfortable working is an excellent place to start.

Basic Service And Care

Keeping your car running means taking it to the auto repair shop for general care and service regularly. Oil changes, filter replacement, and general lubrication and inspection of the vehicle's systems can help to uncover problems before they become severe enough to cause a breakdown. 

Each time you take the vehicle in for service, have the technician look everything over while they have the car on the lift. Things like tires and brakes are much easier to see from all sides from under the car or truck, and if the tech finds an issue, they will let you know so they can fix it while it is still in the shop. 

Setting up a maintenance schedule with your local shop is a good way to keep the service constant. However, if there is an issue that arises between service appointments, call the auto repair shop and take it in early. Waiting until your next service appointment to address a problem may cause the situation to get worse, resulting in costly repairs. 

Making Repairs

If you find yourself in a situation where your vehicle is not running correctly or is running rough and is hard to drive, taking the car into an auto repair shop to have it checked out is vital. A general auto repair shop can handle most repairs in-house, but if there is something specific they do not offer, they may be able to recommend a shop in the area.

While most garages can handle any work you need, however, some things like warranty work, engine and transmission rebuilds, and jobs that will take a lot of time to complete can be jobs the shops would prefer not to take on. Tying up a technician on an engine rebuild often costs the shop more than the job brings in, so if you need a new engine, the auto repair shop will remove the engine, send it out for repair, then reinstall it for you when the engine shop returns it.

Wheel alignment is another service that many auto repair shops do not offer because the equipment is expensive and takes up an entire service bay in the shop. If you may need to have new tires or suspension work done at your regular shop, then take the car to an alignment center for the final adjustments.  

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