Services You Can Get At Your Local Tire Shop

An automotive tire shop can provide multiple services you may need for your car or truck, and often they go far beyond selling new tires. Most shops also offer repairs and maintenance that can help extend the life of your existing tires, but when the time comes, they can also replace them for you. 

Tire Maintenance

The tires on your vehicle will typically have a mileage rating from the manufacturer that can give you an idea about when to replace them. However, that mileage rating is average and may change with vehicle use.

When you visit the tire shop, you may not need new tires but may want some maintenance to ensure you get the most from the ones already on your car. Tire rotation, for instance, ensures that the tires wear evenly instead of having one wear out sooner than the rest. 

The air pressure in your tires can also play a significant role in premature wear, so taking the car in for tire service is the best way to get the most from them. The tire shop you buy your tires from may offer free rotations and repair service over the tire's life, and many have mileage and damage warranties for new tires that they sell. 

Tire Repair

Damage occurring to your car tire may be repairable if you take the car to a tire shop as soon as you notice the issue. Punctures to the tread can use a plug or a patch applied to the inside of the tire if you get the tire off the car and make the repairs quickly.

A tire with a nail through the tread may not lose air immediately, but if you drive on the tire for a long time, the foreign body will move around in the hole, making it larger and harder to plug. Taking the tire off the car until you can take it to a tire shop will reduce damage and potentially save the tire. 

Sidewall damage is often not something the tire shop can fix, but they may warranty the tire if you purchased it from them or have a used tire with similar wear that you can buy and use until it is time to replace all the tires on your car.

New Tires

New tire sales and installation are the most common service a tire shop offers, and many times the service and repairs are part of customer retention designed to keep people coming back. If you purchase new tires, the tire shop will stand behind them, help you keep them in good shape, and be ready to replace them when you need another set later on.