Services You Can Get At Your Local Tire Shop

An automotive tire shop can provide multiple services you may need for your car or truck, and often they go far beyond selling new tires. Most shops also offer repairs and maintenance that can help extend the life of your existing tires, but when the time comes, they can also replace them for you.  Tire Maintenance The tires on your vehicle will typically have a mileage rating from the manufacturer that can give you an idea about when to replace them.

5 Benefits Of Geting Tire Rotations From A Tire Shop

Some drivers underestimate the importance of having tires that are in good condition. They may dismiss issues such as slow leaks and uneven tread patterns. Tire issues can lead to vehicle collisions or single-car accidents. Rotating tires can extend their lifespan. A tire rotation service involves routinely rotating the front and back tires. This results in nearly even tread wear provided all four tires were purchased simultaneously. Even tire tread offers a host of benefits.

How To Tell When It Is Time To Replace The CV Joints In Your Car

Front-wheel drive cars and some four-wheel-drive trucks use drive axles with a constant velocity or CV joint at the wheel that allows the axle to pivot and turn with the steering and still transfer power to the wheel hubs. Over time, the joints can wear, and CJ joint replacement may be necessary. There are some signs to watch for that can wear you when the CV joints are bad, and if you neglect them, they can eventually break, leaving the vehicle stranded and unable to move under its own power.

Repairing The Windshield In Your Late Model Vehicle

Windshield damage can occur quickly to your car or truck and is often the result of something hitting the glass from a vehicle around you. Small pebbles, road debris, or items falling from the vehicle in front of you can cause cracks in the windshield that will need fixing by a windshield repair service.  Glass Damage The windshield in your vehicle is made by layering two pieces of glass sandwiched around an inter-core of polyethylene plastic.

2 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Refuses To Go Into Reverse

While trying to back out of your driveway, you may have found that your car is having difficulty going into reverse. Either it takes a few shift changes for the gears to engage or it no longer backs up at all. When your car refuses to go into reverse, there is a serious issue with the transmission that will need to be resolved by a professional. While the gears within the transmission itself may be worn down, there are a couple of other possible explanations for why your car will either hesitate to go into reverse or refuse to back up at all.