Six Things To Know About Maintaining A European Car In The States

Euro car maintenance may not be as complicated as some people think. All it takes is a group of trustworthy technicians with professional experience in European car maintenance field. Here's what you need to know about the maintenance of European cars: The dealer isn't always the right choice It is a common belief that the only way to get reliable euro car maintenance is through the car dealer, and euro car owners should bring them to the dealers for every oil change and air filter replacement.

What To Do When You'Re Concerned About Your Teen's Driving Skills

Your teenager has gone to driving school, passed their driving test and obtained their driving license. Naturally he or she is excited about this milestone in their life. However, you as a parent have concerns about his or her skills. You've heard of far too many cases of teens getting injured or even killed in motor accidents. How do you ensure he enjoys his new-found passion without risking his life?