3 Things Teen Drivers Need To Know

For many teenagers, getting their driver's license is a right of passage. While getting a driver's license does offer up more freedom, both for teenagers and their parents, there is a lot of responsibility involved with driving. Making sure teenagers are prepared for these responsibilities is very important. There are plenty of things about driving that are apparent to adults who have been behind the wheel for awhile but that are not obvious to new teen drivers.

What To Do When You Put The Wrong Fuel In The Car

Putting the wrong fuel in a car can result in serious damage to the car, especially if it is petrol in a diesel engine. Take the following steps to prevent or mitigate the damage: Don't Start the Engine Having the wrong fuel in the tank is bad, but draining it off isn't that difficult. Having the wrong fuel circulate through the fuel system is worse since it contaminates many more parts, such as the fuel filters, carburetor, injectors, and cylinders, among other parts.

Aluminum Auto Body Panels And Dents: Tips For Smoothing Things Out

Unlike the old steel body panels, aluminum auto body panels lack shape memory. That means the aluminum doesn't want to return to its original shape after it suffers damage like steel does. It means often using heat treatment to remove dents from aluminum. With small dents, heat treatment often allows you to smooth out the body panels without causing damage to the paint. If the dent is larger, you may find that you need to do more extensive repairs.

Bad Gasoline: What It Is And How To Handle It

Your vehicle has been running great. Then, almost out of the blue, your car starts to sputter and stall. The dreaded engine light comes on, and you panic. The last thing you need is a repair bill. Before you overreact, you need to consider if bad gas could be the culprit. Causes Bad gas can be caused by a number of factors. Sometimes excess water gets into the tanks at the gas station or even at the manufacturing plant.

What To Do If You Suspect VIN Tampering On Your New Car

When you are buying a new car, one of the only things that you may want to think is getting it on the road. When you are giving the car a full once over, you may spot things that your mechanic missed due to their small nature. One thing that you may find out is that the VIN seems to be tampered with. If your vehicle identification number makes you feel suspicious, here are some actions that you may want to take.