Why You Should Always Have Your Brakes Serviced Before a Long Vacation

When it's time for a vacation you're ready to hit the road. Whether it's a fun destination on the beach or a thrilling adventure in the mountains there is nothing like taking a trip from the norm and heading out to do something exciting after a long period of nothing but routine. However, although you're ready to pack up the car and hit the streets there is one thing you absolutely must do.

Just Bought A New Car? Why You Must Work Auto Detailing Into Your Budget

Riding around in a brand-new car is an experience like none other. A new car not only has a beautiful scent but it also just feels like you're sitting in the lap of luxury. Preserving that feeling is something that is probably high on your list of things to do. While you should most definitely set up an at-home maintenance plan, take a look at why you should also plan to have the car detailed by the professionals.

Dent In Your Car? How To Find Affordable Auto Body Repair

When you're proud of your vehicle it can feel like physical pain if you hit something and cause a dent. A few well-placed dents can completely ruin the beauty of a vehicle and it's hard to feel good about your automobile when you are no longer confident in the way it looks. As much as you want to get those dents repaired,  you don't have a lot of money to spare.

4 Tips To Help You Deal With Auto Glass Damage And Decide On The Best Repair Options

The glass in your car can be damaged due to various causes, which can be minor or more serious. Some of the damage may only require minor repairs, while other glass damage will require complete replacement of the damaged glass in your car. Here are some tips to help you deal with auto glass damage and decide on the best repairs for your car: 1. Dealing with Minor Damage Due to Cracks and Chips in the Glass

2 Signs Your Car's Windshield Should Be Replaced Instead Of Repaired

If your car's windshield has a few chips or cracks in the glass, you may be on the fence whether to have the damage repaired or have the entire windshield replaced. If so, look for the following signs that your car should have a new windshield installed in order to keep you safer while driving. 1.  Cracks or Chips Penetrate the Entire Thickness One sign that your windshield should be replaced instead of repaired is when the cracks or chips that are present penetrate the entire thickness of the glass.