Four Reasons To Regularly Change Engine Oil

Engine oil is just one of many different liquids under the hood of your vehicle, but it plays an essential role in lubricating and cooling down your engine. This means that dirty or insufficient oil in your vehicle can cause all sorts of issues, negatively affecting the performance of your car. Understanding what the benefits of getting regular oil changes are can encourage you to incorporate regular oil changes into your car maintenance schedule.

Four Signs Of A Failing Car Battery

Next to the engine, the battery is one of the most important components of your vehicle, since it powers every electrical system – including the engine's ignition system. A failing battery can significantly negatively affect the performance of your vehicle, and a completely dead battery can prevent your car from starting at all. Fortunately, there are a number of signs associated with a car battery that has begun to lose its charge.

First Used Car? Engine Care Tips To Keep It Running Longer

Purchasing a used car is a smart financial move, especially for someone who has never owned or maintained a vehicle before. It is important to note, however, that there will be some maintenance requirements for a pre-owned car that has already had one or more owners and been driven for thousands of miles that are rarely needed on new models.  Unlike new models that have complicated computer systems and messaging capabilities to keep drivers apprised of everything from the engine's performance to the amount of air in the tires, an older car is more likely to have only a few gauges to monitor things like coolant temperature and oil pressure.

Can Used Vehicle Body Parts Save You Money On Your Body Work?

Buying used body parts for your vehicle is a great way to save money. A salvage yard will typically have a lot of inventory of vehicles to choose from. If you have never thought about using used body parts to repair your vehicle, the following are some questions you may have: Will the Parts be in Good Shape? A salvage yard is where vehicles that are totaled go to be parted out for resale.

3 Reasons To Replace Damaged Hubcaps

When it comes to collision repair, many drivers think about busted bumpers or dings in the door. Although these types of damage can negatively affect your vehicle, there is another type of damage that you may be tempted to overlook when it comes to collision repair. Damaged hubcaps should always be replaced before you continue to drive your vehicle. You might damage a hubcap while involved in a serious auto accident or by scraping against a curb or boulder in a parking lot.